Local Accounting and Finance Hiring Expertise with a National Network

Local Accounting and Finance Hiring Expertise with a National Network

Pinnacle headed to Scottsdale, AZ in February to meet with our 40+ affiliate accounting and finance recruitment firms. What did we learn?

As you may have noticed at Pinnacle Accounting and Finance, we strive to continuously improve our services for both the clients and the candidates we work with. As the sole Pittsburgh affiliate of the American Association of FInance and Accounting (AAFA), twice a year Pinnacle’s Partners, Colin Powell and Ryan Giblock, meet with our network of 40+ accounting and finance recruitment affiliates from across the continental United States and Canada for four days to share best practices and regional hiring updates. This past month Pinnacle headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for AAFA’s 2018 Spring Conference hosted by Phoenix affiliate, Headfarmer.

What did we learn?

National accounting and hiring trends are consistent. Demand is high for qualified talent, supply is low.

We covered a broad array of topics through our educational sessions and workshops but one question resonated with all of our affiliates, “With the supply of qualified talent down and demand up, how do I compete for talent in today’s market?” We hear it time and time again from our clients. As a result, we’re not surprised to hear our national network of partners ask the same question. With national and many local unemployment rates at all-time lows, the economy is booming! Not only has the price tag gone up for qualified talent, the total cost associated with that hire has as well. So how can you improve your hiring strategy to win over job seekers in this war on talent?

  1. Price
    • Know where you stand in the market. How do your salary ranges compare to other firms hiring in the local area? We do not recommend over extending yourself to hire an employee, but by understanding your position you can then develop selling points outside of salary.
  2. Fringe Benefits
    • Start thinking West Coast. Although many of Pittsburgh’s younger tech companies are adopting the luxurious benefits we are used to seeing from Silicon Valley tech firms, Pittsburgh’s traditional industries have been slow to integrate even the smallest of flexible benefits such as every other Friday off or flex work schedules. Even if you are not in the C-Suite, hiring managers can create small fringe benefits to entice potential employees. If you are interested in discussing this more, give us a call for a conversation! We are always happy to chat. And no, we do not charge for a conversation.
  3. Culture
    • At this point, you are most likely thinking to yourself… “Great. Here we go again with ‘corporate culture.’” Although it may feel like a mute point, culture is a huge selling point for millennials. So much so, we had a whole session dedicated to understanding them at this year’s conference. Culture goes beyond in-house dining and every other Friday off. It describes how an organization works together to accomplish a unified mission. If your unified mission is ultimately profit, you are going to have a problem hiring good people. That being said if you have a truly unique and responsible mission statement and a high performing team which fosters innovation and empowerment, these can be huge selling points for good accountants or financial analysts.


To learn more regarding our national network or other national trends impacting accounting and finance hiring managers just like you, contact our team!