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Pinnacle believes in doing what is right. Ethics are a cornerstone of our business and that means we have an ethical obligation to every client, candidate and consultant. We truly and ethically believe in every recommendation we make: quality over quantity every time.

Mandated Results

We don’t believe in pushing people into positions—we want to find the right fit. Unlike other firms, our team is not working off of “mandated goals.” This means you don’t get excessive calls or a pushy sales pitch. We want to find the right person for the right position—a true win-win.

Zero Ethical Mistakes

When push comes to shove, we go the right way, the ethical way—the way many firms choose to work around. We believe that good things should happen to good people, and we work with the best in Pittsburgh. The Pinnacle team will always have your best interest in mind, even if that means we don’t get the job.

Do Right Stories

See below to hear some Do Right stories from past candidates, consultants and clients.

Lexie L.

Eric B.
CFO – Pittsburgh Mercy

Jeff D.
President – Dressler Search Group